Just $25 per gang-sheet. Any designs. Any colours.

Min 2 sheets.

What is a gang sheet?

A gang sheet is a group of designs or logos placed within a specific sheet size for printing.

You can fill your gang sheet with as many designs, photos or logos, in as many colours and sizes as you like.

Our minimum is 2 gang sheets, and they can be different or the same

Our gang sheets are 55cm x 100cm

100 cm

55 cm

The process is simple

You order

Upload your  gang-sheet designs or create one using our online tool. Select how many you want, checkout, and you're ready to rock.

We ship

Speed is our middle name. Once your order is placed, we waste no time. We get to work, sending your films out the door within 24-48 hours.

You press

Use your heat press to transfer your designs onto any fabric, in any colour.
155 degrees and 10 seconds later, all you have to do is peel.

You peel

Fresh off the press, just wait a few sections until your film has slightly cooled, then peel in one swift, quick motion.